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Home Repairs

Our founding program of small home repairs for the elderly, disabled and low-income individuals of Shelby County, has been active for nearly 20 years now. Since its inception, more than 1,300 service calls have been made, representing nearly 500 clients, and well over 2,000 individual jobs performed! Usually described as the “honey-do list” around the house, no job is too odd or too small, especially since it’s nearly impossible to find someone who will attend to these types of jobs for you. This is what we specialize in and take great pleasure in getting done, with jobs ranging from cleaning out gutters to repairing floors and changing door locks.

Hero’s Attic

Hero’s Attic is the home furnishings warehouse of SCCO, which began with a “by appointment only” policy in 2009. Since opening our doors to the general public a few years later, over 14,000 home related items have made their way into the hands of new owner s! The name is our way of thanking the American Legion who allowed us to use the upper level of their building when Hero’s Attic first began and honoring all of those who have served our country.
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Community Service

Community Service

Often SCCO collaborates with other community-wide groups to get a job accomplished. When these groups are looking for a volunteer project to assist with, they call us. Projects may involve yard work and landscaping, painting, and even moving furniture.

Bridging the Gap

A natural by-product of working with people means SCCO personnel may be involved in directing our clients where to turn for the help they need.
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